Friday, 5 March 2010

slow fashion

After setting up a blog account and posting my first comment and a picture i thought i had better put something worth while to read on here. so here it goes...writing is not something i really enjoy doing but maybe this blog will help.
'slow fashion' is the current project i am doing. It looks into sustainable fashion and the issues we face with the environment and poverty, as fashion designers. A we, human beings have started to destroy this plant i think we are the only people who can save it. Therefore we have to do everything in our power to prevent all these issues.
This project is designed to make us take into consideration 1) the impact of fashion on the environment 2) the ethical issues behind making cheap garments 3) the encouragement of unnecessary levels of consumerism.
i have decided to look at all of these issues and design a garment which is multi-functional, therefore creating a garment which has lots of purposes preventing the buyer buying masses of unnecessary clothes.
i have also decided to look at organic forms such as trees for my visual inspiration and colour palette , hopefully this will be a starting point in brain storming my ideas.

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